Scan 1 (1)The beach always has some interesting sea life that intrigues me whether it’s living or dead, rocks, driftwood, foreign debris or abandon sea animal homes.  They make terrific objects for drawing and painting.   Slowing walking the rocky beach three days ago, I collected a large blue mussel (3.5 inches) in length with lovely blues, blacks and pearl on its shell; I felt the small empty snail shell, worn down from rubbing on the rocky beach, would be interesting to sketch and I couldn’t turn down the kelp with its lacy roots and beautiful rust color.


7 thoughts on “Mussel shells, Snail Shells and kelp from the beach

  1. Thank you, Jean. I agree objects in nature offer texture, color and fun shapes to paint and sketch. There’s no end to what is available and so exciting when the results turn out good. I am sorry about the clarity of the scan; my assumption is the lenses are not sensitive enough to produce clear images. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a follower of your blog and enjoy receiving your posts.

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  2. I love sketching and painting this kind of thing too. The photo of your page is a little hard to make out, but I especially like the variation in the mussel shell. Looking forward to seeing more.


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