I have to apologize for the gray tone in my photos caused by the settings of my camera and inability to  not able to tackle Photoshop, as yet.  I am working on the photoshop issue but today being gray and misty, I was not able to take photos outdoors where appropriate natural lighting was not available for a great photo.  So photo was taken inside the house, result of dark photo.

The graphite sketches above were completed today.  I dug up the roots on Sunday, washed dirt off them then let them dry before creating this sketch.  The tightly cluster of bulbs is a root of the Crocosmia plant that blooms brilliant red trumpet flowers on a long flowing stem, they appear very tropical.   I also sketched the half section of one small bulb broken off the cluster.  In our area the plant blooms in July through August.  We have several of these long stem plants throughout our property.

The hummingbirds love this plant as we witness their long beaks disappear into the trumpet shaped red blossom obtaining the pollen deep inside.   Almost every day we will watch a battle going on between two hummingbirds.  We definitely are happy that we aren’t in between this battle; those long sharp beaks could cause pain.

12 thoughts on “Winter Crocosmia Bulbs to sketch

  1. Lois, that is a fine botanical drawing. It is hard to believe that out of that dry mass will pop flowers that provide hummingbirds with nectar. But life is stored in these bulky bulbs and you have drawn the storehouses of energy very well.

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