Open my eyes and observe  the onion  and feel the light, shadow, values and curves surrounding the onion.  Take all that information and transfer it to the paper with  graphite pencils.  Practice, practice and practice with drawing exercises until I notice great improvement in the details I put on paper.  I am at a point where I need to draw more detail and exactness into my paintings. So I am trying to improve my skills using several botanical painting books as reference.   The graphite drawing exercises are very helpful as long as I discipline myself to stick with the exercises.   I chose a simple onion to draw for the subject since the highlights and shadows would be easy to see.  The veins in the dry outer skin were a challenge .  The onion  still needs more work but I’ll share it with my viewers.



4 thoughts on “Graphites, sketching paper, eraser, measuring, onion and keen observation.

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