Like falling  leaves, the Golden Crown Kinglets quietly land on the road only steps from where  my steps will take me along my walk.   If I’m far off in thought, I will note it’s another brown leaf falling from the nearby deciduous trees.  Until as I draw nearer to the small bird it will startle me as it flies back into the confers but soon fly back on the road soon after my  steps have gone by.

The Kinglets are back again after a another big wind storm that brings down from the branches bugs, seeds and other food stuff they thrive on.   Such a Christmas treat!  Their merry chorus of high pitched songs reach my ears as I walk along.   Their joy starts my day with positive warm thoughts.

My favorite very small late fall predator bird thrives on bugs that destroy our conifer trees in the N.W.  They are a very important animal to our environment.

An afterthought:  The wing I found on the road during my walk is why I’m actually posting about the Kinglet.  Looking at the side edge view of the feather on the bird’s wing it definitely has a twist about mid point.  Maybe this occurs on all bird’s wing feathers, I’ve never noticed it on all the feathers I’ve collected.  I tried replicating this interesting twist with my sketch on the top left side of the journal page.   Nature amazes me with all its beautiful architecture, forms and purposes in life…it is definitely well planned!


8 thoughts on “Don’t step on the Golden Crowned Kinglets

  1. Lois, how good you describe the interdependence between the tree, bugs and birds. And what a lovely small bird it is. In Dutch this tiny bird is named a ‘Goudhaantje’ (a small golden rooster). I have seen it a few times and it is indeed so small, it makes you wonder whether it carries a heart, lungs, tummy, reproductive organs and all that is needed to live. Such a tiny, cute bird.


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