The hawthorne tree located by the field near my house has shed all its leaves from the high winds, cold weather and heavy rains.  As I walked the road near the tree I could hear a chorus of bird cries and see lots of movement in the tree branches.  I stopped to observe the activity to see if I could identify the many birds flying through or perched in the tree branches.  There were flickers, robins and juncos that were easy to identify.  But the LBB’s (little brown birds) were not so easy since they very seldom stayed in one spot.  They had all left when I walked by the same tree on my way back home.


8 thoughts on “Birds enjoying the warmer weather

  1. Yes. Darting and swooping. They are very timid and quick and when they move across the sky, they look like one undulating body. I never see them any other time of year. I could imagine they could get into eaves and such. I, personally, have not had a problem. I also have youth blue jays and they raise a ruckus. The three baby robins from last spring still return, also.

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  2. Aren’t Starlings the birds that fly in large swarms darting and swooping in fast movements across the sky? They can be real pest they are able to find an entrance into a house attic through an opening in the eve. They made a mess in our attic while nesting. Their chirping sounds are pleasant through. We do have several species of birds wintering in our neighborhood this year and I love to hear them while on my walk.

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  3. I love your sketch! This happens every year in my back yard. I get hundreds of starlings that come and go and there are always a few robins that accompany them. They come and eat the fruit from my flowering pear and something on the ground around both of my large spruces. They come and go with seemingly no pattern, but look like large dark clouds as they come and go. The robins seem to wander on the ground beneath the pear tree and eat some of the fruit, also.

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  4. Paula…what a respete it is to walk in silence listening to only the birds, wind, my foot steps and smells of nature. We in the States are overloaded with sorrow and grief due to violence caused by uncontrollable anger.
    The LBB are year round locals and their feathers do become more muted when not mating. I will look up Bramlings since the name does not ring a bell. The flicker is of the woodpecker family. They can be seen everyday when I go for a walk and sometimes they will drop their orange/brown feathers to add to my collection. Have a great weekend painting.

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  5. Totally agree with Jeff. Narcissism and hate is all over the place. Your website is an oases of nature sketches and nature musings.

    Could the LBB be migrating birds? Of birds you would easily identify in their summer coat but less easily in their duller winter plumage?
    I had new birds at our bird feeder, Bramlings. It is always exciting to spot new birds in a garden. First one came, then the next day 4. I had to look up what a flicker is. Is it a sparrow-like bird? It surely is very pretty.

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  6. Pure, sweet moments amidst infinite beauty . . . and “talk back” knowing that silence will be the only natural response. Such a relief this, after I surfed the internet through violence, hate, bias, buffoonery, narcissism and . . . .

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