photoThe ravens were really making a ruckus in the fir trees not far from my house as I walked this early morning.   There were four of them and each was crying their own individual loud  sound.   I walked closer to the tree, where they were hopping from one branch to other, in order to see what all the fuss was about.   But, they knew I was near even though I could hardly see them through all the evergreen branches.  They took flight in two pairs flying around in circles above the fir trees for sometime.   All the while they were flying, they kept crying out their loud croaking sounds to each other.   Then, I noticed the neighbor had placed their over ripe apples on the ground near where the crows had been in the trees.  One apple had been eaten almost to the core.  Must have been a refreshing healthy meal for a raven.

The Ravens are clever, playful, crafty and one of the smartest animals.  They can actually be taught to imitate human speech,  wild and tame animal sounds and other sounds.  They manipulate their own tools to obtain food that might be difficult for them to reach otherwise.  Plus they are fun to watch.   Sometimes when they fly over our heads or perched high in a tree making really strange unusual sounds, my husband and I will answer back with an attempt to create the same sound.   After a while they get bored with us silly humans and fly away.

After watching the crows, I continued on my walk.  Turning into my neighbors long driveway the color on the remaining large leaf maple tree glowed through the tall evergreens at the end of their driveway.

Enjoy your celebration for giving Thanks this Thanksgiving.


7 thoughts on “Ravens playing in the morning skies

  1. I always stop and watch a raven. They are so huge as you say and they do have a personality all their own. I only see crows, near my home. My daughter lives out and away from the city and that is where I am lucky enough to see the occasional raven. I can visualize you talking to the ravens. 🙂


  2. Lois, taking the time to watch crows and ravens playing is a real treat. They are clever indeed and sometimes hilarious because of the clever attitude.
    Your sketch is lovely; it gives a good impression of your walk. And your ravens are well drawn. Ornithologist describe their flight as if their wing-tips are a bit sticky. I can see that flight characteristic in your sketch.


  3. Ravens are a larger bird than crows: large feet, beaks and body. They communicate with very loud cries along with several unusual noises, such as loud clicking, clucking, knocking, and noises that are difficult for me to describe. They are mostly loners but will fly and communicate with another raven nearby; they don’t stay in murders, as crows. When they fly overhead, you can hear the swoosh, swoosh of their wings as they push themselves through the air. If you Google Bird Note or Cornell Ornithology you will be able to select the bird sounds of the raven.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving and have fun identifying which bird is the raven.


  4. Lovely sketch Lois. We have a lot of black birds where I live now, but I don’t know if they are ravens or crows. I understand we have both, but can’t tell the difference.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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