Out early for my two mile stroll to enjoy the quiet fog, listen to the few resident birds, smell the fresh air and observe the local scene and possibly greet the passing neighbors on their way to work.

I walked to the end of the road to observe the homestead with its old red out buildings and barn.  The old house on this property is painted white and is a comfy home for its present occupant.  The deciduous tree leaves are changing their colors which make this entire scene a lovely setting among the old buildings and fir trees.   This a.m. the early white chicken was resting on the window sill (no glass) probably enjoying the view over the field before laying its egg for the day.

Along the way a little brown bird (LBB) had landed on a bracken fern branch hopping around its branches pecking at the seeds.  I could not identify the bird but it had a screechy cry or call louder than a hummingbird’s.  Then, walking through a field near the homestead, I noticed that the daisies and dandelions were still blooming probably the last remaining bloomers before the weather turns colder.

Just a note:  I just changed the header on my blog and in so doing I accidentally deleted my blog  by choosing the wrong selection during customizing the blog.   Yikes! I apologize for the difficulties my followers and non followers may encounter and I hope you’re able to receive this post.


4 thoughts on “Early morning little brown bird, chicken and walker

  1. Yes, while in the midst of changing the header in the layout, I accidentally deleted the old theme/layout for the worst. Hopefully, my followers will be to still open my new theme to my blog.
    The frustrations of maintaining a blog…painting/sketching time is more valuable to me than time spent on the computer. At the present time, I’m painting a series of abandoned birds’ nests I found in my neighborhood so I’ve not posted on blog lately. Take care and enjoy painting.


  2. Lois, your walk and sketch are most enjoyable but I wonder whether you have deleted your blog. I see your blogposts in the archives. I think you have changed the theme and/or layout of your blog, but all is still there. Luckily, because you deleting your blog by accident shouldn’t happen! That would have been dreadful.

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