While making plans to create another collage yesterday, I browsed through my flower presser yesterday to discover some treasures left over from several years ago!   There hidden between the soft pages were several white birch bark pieces already dry, flat and ready for my fun project!  Yea!  Then, I searched through the thin box where I keep all my dried pressed fall leaves to select the right combination of colors and shapes….there was even some lichen (delicately crisp.)   The frog was not in any of the collections so I had to paint it on the bark with layers of watercolors.   Also, I painted the green extended fingers on the lichen to help bring all the shapes closer together to make the composition more pleasing to the eye.

One of my favorite nature artist friends is Paula Kuitenbrouwer,, designer of “Arts Books Crafts.  She designs lovely cards, paintings, fibers, books using her talented artwork.  She has a keen eye and noticed that both of us were using the white birch bark in our painted compositions this week.  Take a look at her website to see how she has painted the bark into her artwork.


12 thoughts on “White Birch Bark, Fall Leaves, Lichen and a Frog

  1. Lois, you are too kind. And for a moment you got me with that frog. I wondered; ‘How did Lois get that frog sitting still for a photo?’ From what I’ve learned, when you have frogs, you have little pollution in your environment because frogs react badly to pollutants. I was happy to find 4 frogs in our garden. Immediately after the happy thoughts, I started to worry to step on them. 🙂

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