IMG_1786 (1)IMG_1786 (1)

Today, I played with some  stiff unbleached wrapping paper, eucalyptus bark from a southern California tree, and thin white bark that curls off the neighbor’s tree in large chunks and watercolor paints.  I first washed the white bark in light soapy water to kill any micro bugs then dried it flat; then I pasted the bark onto the wrapping paper.  After the glue dried, I peeled a very thin layer off the eucalyptus bark and pasted it on top of the white bark.  When all was set and dried, I took my watercolors and painted my scene of cattails with a red winged blackbird on the cattail stem.

What fun this project was.   I usually stay away from mixed media collages because my thinking processes always go blank.   But, I think this experimental attempt is fairly good for a beginner.  Maybe it’s due to the fact I decided to have fun with it.


8 thoughts on “A Collage using Tree Fibers and Watercolor Paints

  1. Lois, how synchronized we are! I just finished drawing a large Yule birch log with its peeling bark. We both find white birch bark irresistible. 🙂


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