I try to get outside everyday for my routine two mile walk through the neighborhood, if the weather permits.    Well, Wednesday it was drizzly wet and gray so I started out with waterproof garments for my two mile slow motion walk to observe what was happening around me.

My favorite neighborhood field which is about 20 acres was surrounded in mist and wet (no walking through the tall grass today) but that didn’t stop the robins and other small birds  from searching for food in the grass.  In the distance the tops of the tall evergreens were almost hidden in the low hanging clouds.  There were several Oregon Juncos sitting on the old rusty barbed wire fence then scattered in all directions  as I walked too close for their comfort.  The rain had formed small puddles on the paved road and I could see robins and other birds seeking rain water from the puddles while they had the opportunity. The weather had been very dry and now that the cool marine air has returned the days and evenings are pleasant for the wildlife again including we folks that don’t enjoy the heat.

The funny looking tadpole like images are from a plant I picked along the way to include in this sketch.  I cannot identify the plant and did not take time to research it but the brilliant red color and shapes of the leaves attracted my attention to pick them for a sketch.


12 thoughts on “A gray wet autumn day in October

  1. Thank you, Leslie. I like seeing a bunch on a fence line all facing different directions chirping loud music….they are so cute. The beet juice was not sticky or thick but very thin causing it to splash so be careful otherwise it will splash on you and surrounding work area. Since the cooked juice is a deep red by adding water to it before applying to paper you can get a range of values.

    I’m going to boil some dried lichen for dying wool fleece and at the same time, I’ll try mixing it with the beet juice to see what color will develop.


  2. Yes, the robin could have been checking its reflection to make sure each tiny feather was inline with the others. That is funny. I never thought of that possibility while painting the scene. Frequently, I see this happening on a rainy day while out walking There are many robins in our neighborhood.

    Have a great day, Paula and thank you for your thoughts


  3. Another lovely page of your nature journal. I like the perspective you used, as if we walk along with you next to the fence. The robin sits near the puddle, drinking fresh water. Or is he admiring his reflection in the puddle?
    I like the partial border of your painting of this not yet identified tadpole shaped leaves. Hopefully somebody will identify them soon?

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