Helicopters falling from the sky!   Actually the name for the spinning helicopters that fall from the Maple trees during late summer is Samaras.  The pods at the end of the tails are the seeds for the beginning of new maple trees, plus nutrients for the squirrels that keep busy separating the stems from the branches so they can collect them for winter storage (if they can remember where the cache is located.)

Out on my two mile walk yesterday, I picked up a few of these Samaras for the purpose of creating nature creatures on watercolor paper.   The shape of the Samara with the two seed pods reminds me of a ballerina tutu.   So I had fun creating this small imaginary fairy spinning and twirling in her Samara tutu while on her way to the ground.  Now, I’m hooked for more fun creating imaginary creatures from flowers and plants.

4 thoughts on “Dancing, spinning and twirling Samaras

  1. I love fall because it is a busy time for all animals especially the small ones that don’t migrate to warmer climates. They are kept busy collecting their cashe for the winter months. It’s fun to watch them scurry up trees trunks to the ends of the branches then break off cones and seed pods. When the cones hit the ground or an object on the way down it usually makes a big clunk noise. Thanks for your comment; it interesting to read what other artists observe in nature.


  2. I’l always think of your ballerina, now, as the helicopters spin down from my maple. Thank you for sharing that about the squirrels. I wondered what they were doing digging around the base of my maple. My squirrels do that with the little fruits from my flowering pear every fall, also. Ha!
    Very creative sketch!


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