The bright colorful weeds of early summer have lost their luster from lack of water,  the dry winds, hot days and now they are  in the next step of their cycle.  They have turned brown, gold and crisp, easy to break and bend.  They will soon be dropping their seeds to travel in the wind or carried by animals to settle in for the winter to start another new cycle in the spring.

I gathered a variety of the weeds in my hand while on a walk the other day through the fields.   They are one of my favorite objects to sketch due to their irregular shapes and colors.  I try to arrange the collection of weeds into a design where the negative and positive shapes create an interesting composition.  This sketch was done with colored pencil.   What fun it was.

6 thoughts on “The Dying Weeds of August

  1. Milkweed, I’m not sure I would be able to identify it; I’ll look through my native plant identification book to see if it grows in our area. Wish we could have some of your rain. We are worried the drought will kill some of our cedar trees. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy your painting and teaching.


  2. You captured the fragile, brittle look of these so well. We are just now beginning to dry out a bit. It has been very wet, here, this year and weeds are still growing in abundance it seems. But this is right around the corner for us as I see the milkweed with large pods forming.

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