With sketchbook and tools in hand, I hiked down the steep road to the pier with the intention of sketching from water level in the small park on the shoreline.   Half way down I couldn’t resist stopping to rest at a perfect spot with a bench extending out from the walkway  opening to a tremendous view of the pier and Saratoga Passage.  From the view point I could see several occupied houses hugging the waters edge that are accessible  by a short road; there is a lovely inn with rooms for rent, kayak company, whale watchers company and, of course, slips for a few yachts to tie in for night,  or stop for the hike up the steep hill to village of Langley.  Sail boats are anchored out in the bay for the summer and islanders have a few boats moored around the pier.

It must have been around 8:00 a.m. when I started to settle in for a live sketch.  The working people were beginning to  go on their way.   Some people who lived in the few shore houses were driving or walking up the hill past me.   One gal commended on my sketch as she was on her way down the hill; on her return  up the hill, she stopped to chat  longer sharing her thoughts about sketching, island life, walking and gluten free diet. She is a local gal walking everyday for her exercise.  It’s so much fun to strike up conversation with strangers; I just never know where the conversation will lead.   I enjoy these conversations from inquiring friendly people; I always learn so much from them.


6 thoughts on “Langley Pier and Saratoga Passage

  1. Sketching with pencil is much more relaxing than pen. Pen requires planning ahead to place the line or mark in the proper spot for an accurate composition. They are both enjoyable but the pencil enables me to do more shading without time spent on crosshatching and scribbling. Thanks for your comments.


  2. I like to enlarge your sketches done in graphite and see how you squiggle in the leaves and cross hatch the dark areas. Each one of them are so interesting, Bilomathews.


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