This morning, I ventured a dirt driveway through the forest into an opening that had been recently logged for the purpose of building a small dwelling for a weekend retreat.  Until recently, the small dwelling located on the property was an old cabin covered with inches of green and brown moss on the roof; the windows were coated with gray film; a fallen tree rested on the dented roof and it could barely be seen from the road since it was tucked in under the heavy evergreens.  It was eerie and intriguing but I had never felt comfortable checking it out.

Further into the property is a vintage trailer, probably from the 60’s, standing on small building jacks; the tires are removed; the native shrubs are growing around the trailer trying to hide it from the road.  The needles from the fir trees have fallen over the years onto the roof making a blanket of four inches thick.   The sides of the trailer are covered with growing patina year after year.  Some of the run off rain has picket up the corrosion  from the metal and other debris staining the white metal as it slides down the sides.

I brought my sketchbook with me intending to draw something interesting to add to my journal along my short walk this a.m.   This trailer filled that purpose.


6 thoughts on “A Vintage Travel Trailer Hidden in the Forest

  1. I have a friend who just purchased a vintage trailer. She is having more fun decorating the inside than actually camping in it. It is very cute inside. When my husband and I travel in our trailer, we often see vintage cars buzzing down the freeway pulling a vintage trailer.


  2. I had two friends who traveled around the states each summer in a camper very similar in appearance to the one you have drawn here. It was the first of many they would have and each one was a little larger than the one before. I like the drawing. You have given this small trailer a personality by sharing what you saw with us.


  3. Thank you Sharon, the sepia tone is actually walnut ink. It is nice and easy to use but needs layering similar to watercolors since it is light. The nice part is after it dries, it is easy to spread on the paper with a damp paint brush to create soft edges and shading.


  4. Very cool drawing! I like the sepia tone, it gives the drawing a vintage look. There is a story here of someone’s life.


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