Scan We took a few days  ‘off island’ to drive over the Cascade Mtns for a campout in our trailer with friends who have their own trailer.   We were able to get a site right  next to the Icycle River that runs out of the Cascades through the small village of Leavenworth.  The pristine water rushes swiftly over the large rocks creating a constant roar.  The weathered ragged trees in the distance create interesting shapes that are fun to  sketch. Scan 2 After settling into our camping sites, the four of us brought out our chairs for a bit of rest and conversation next to the beautiful river.   We soon found ourselves having to raise the volume of our voices.   After day two, the noise was not as noticeable to our ears enabling us to carry on a normal conversation while watching the wildlife and being mesmerized by the movement of color in the icy blues, greens and whites rushing by. Scan 1 I had brought my sketchbook and favorite mechanical lead pencil, so during some free time by myself I did three sketches of the river and trees viewed from our campsite.   My scanner (or me) is not sensitive enough to create deeper values of the lead against a crisp background.  My apologies.


10 thoughts on “Icycle River Camping in our Trailer

  1. Thank you, Paul. It is my favorite medium and I carry a sketchbook with me whenever I go anywhere in case there would an opportunity to sketch. Working with paints has always been an extra challenge for me.


  2. Thank you. The sketches were done on crisp white paper but after I scan the sketches the white comes out gray. I am searching for a better photo editor. Anyhow, sketching with graphite is my favorite medium….it’s so relaxing. Thank you for visiting my blog. Enjoy your days painting and teaching.


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