Sunday was a special day bringing sunny skies and warm breezes inspiring Bill and I to enjoy a peaceful and meditative stroll through the forest trail leading us around three large ponds in the Earth Sanctuary on our island.  In the center of Fen pond is a large floating bog that is over 10,000 years old.   In the bog are canals where the water ducks silently paddle through while dipping their beaks into the water gathering food floating on the surface.  The sanctuary is a wildlife preserve where many migrating birds come to nest or stop to rest while gathering food before heading to their destination; or, some animal stay year round. If you stand quietly and patiently wait the squirrels, bull frogs, turtles, river otter and a variety of  birds will suddenly appear before your eyes around the edge or in the pond.  Sunday, was a quiet day (maybe they were spending time with their mothers) with not a lot of activity but we did see one beautiful male wood duck paddling quietly searching for food.  We figured his mate was settled into one of the wood duck boxes keeping the eggs warm.   On Middle pond we saw two green tailed teal ducks moving together across the pond.  As usual, the many Canada geese were making a noisy ruckus on the bog attacking invading geese if any should get near its mate or the nest.  Later this week, I will return with a friend  to monitor the wood duck  activity and observe the other wildlife for the Whidbey Audubon. As we leave the sanctuary down the long driveway, we are quiet with a feeling of peace and contentment within us.   A special gift for Mother’s Day.  Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful earth!   photo 5photo 2photo 4


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day at the Earth Sanctuary monitoring Wood ducks

  1. Lois, you almost had me be there so well you describe the silence and beautiful pond and its silently paddling ducks. Indeed, there is no greater gift that being there and having a calm mind to take in the beauty of such place.

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  2. I love your comment. I have experienced those same wonderful a.m. hours listening to birds and other animals waking up to greet the day. Those quiet moments to myself are the best time of the day for early morning or late evening fragrances, reflections, meditation, fun creative thoughts and planning projects before the noise of day arrives to my ears interrupting those wonderful thoughts. Then at night just sitting out and enjoying the cool evening breezes brings time for relaxation when it’s very quiet except for sounds of the wildlife.


  3. What beautiful photos! I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day, either! Sometimes I just like to sit outside real late at night to hear the quiet and in the early morning to hear the birds before the hum of distant cars gets in the way. I have a nest of baby robins in my arborvitae lining part of my patio, right now. They are really quiet when I first step out. I sit down and wait and the adults soon get the idea that I am not a threat and continue on their task of feeding them and it gets really loud. I love reading your posts and imagining seeing and hearing what you are seeing and hearing. Thank you for that.

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