In the distance high above the open fields and above the tall evergreens I spotted two Red Tailed Hawks playing, twisting, chasing, coming close and separating from each other while catching the soft spring breezes that carried them through the blue sky.   This happened in the early morning while I was out on a walk last week.   I stopped to watch them as they played and felt so free with their strong wings holding them and directing them through the air so freely.  A pleasure of letting go and being free swept through my body before I continued on up the road.  A great day was starting.

Later in the day while my husband and I were deep into the garden weeding, trimming plants and enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine, I spotted another Red Tailed Hawk soaring high above us.  It was also playing in the sky calling its high pitched cry out to a mate as I imagined…”Notice how proud I fly swiftly through the gusty winds, lifting my proud strong wings, high up to touch the clouds, to show you what a brave protective mate I will be for you.”  Maybe it was the male I had seen earlier in the morning trying to impress his selected mate what a strong bird he is for her.


8 thoughts on “Red Tailed Hawks Soaring with the Spring Winds

  1. I am sure they will build a nest if they don’t use last year’s nest. The roaming area has many rabbits, rodents, and domesticated chickens for hefty meals. Thanks for visiting my blog, Paula.


  2. Thank you Carol, The hawks have a nest in the tall evergreens about 2000 feet from our house so they often swoop over our property in search for a neighbors chicken or a wild rabbit. We often hear their high pitched cry. I’ve seen a single raven chase the red winged hawk away from the raven’s nesting territory. Have a good day.


  3. How wonderful, that feeling you describe of being free. Just like those lovely red tailed hawks. They are so beautiful, aren’t they? And your drawings did them justice.


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