Our lovely old heather bushes are getting out of hand with long brown stringy bare branches stacked on top of each other on the ground.  It’s a mass of branches, moss and years of dead small heather leaves covering the ground.  There is no room for air to get into the base of the plants so consequently moss grows thick and needs to be pulled out by hand before it kills the plants.   

I used the long and short handled clippers to cut the branches then pulled out the moss until I could see the dry dirt showing between the huge plants.  As of now, two trailer loads of branches, moss and other stuff have been moved to the compost in the lower property.   There is more and more work to remove all the heavy moss and branches. 

And, then, to my happy surprise a dragon fly stopped by to check out one of the heather branches.  Fortunately it lingered there for a while so I could observe its lovely blue color.  This was the second dragon fly seen this spring.  Soon there  will be many darting through the air catching micro bugs that I can’t see.  They are wonderful insects to watch.

Bill is beyond the heather bushes trimming some of the native salal plants encroaching into the heather garden.   By late afternoon we were ready to step out of the heather garden and get ready for our afternoon GOW (glass of wine.)  We certainly deserved the relaxation.

I sketched this scene with colored pencil to help clarify the small detail.

cleaning out the heather


9 thoughts on “Trimming the Heather

  1. GOW! LOL! Maybe my whole reply can be in three letter acronyms? TLA?

    Love the illustration and the story. Sounds like a storybook with you and your husband out in the garden and then enjoying some wine.


  2. I just love your illustrations, bilomatthews! I have been doing this kind of clean up, also, only not two trailer loads. I always lose a bit over the cold winters and need to decide what I am going to replace the bare spots with. GOW, Ha!


  3. Lois, I agree with the earlier comments that this one is particularly charming. It is your husband at work, it is the detail and depth but also the waiting dragonfly, looking forward to claim your garden for itself again.


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