During this week while sitting by the window in my daughter’s house, I saw two house finches carrying dead weeds and grass to the handcrafted vintage trailer bird house that hangs from a branch in the pink dogwood tree.  I was able to do some rough sketches of the house and birds while observing their activity.   Then, when I returned back to my own home, I applied the watercolor washes.

This cute little trailer is made from wood then painted green with yellow accent and black windows and tires.  Notice the red tail lights in the back.   The reverse side of the trailer has another door with an opening in it for the bird to enter for the nest.  It has wings on each side of the trailer to make it look official but I forgot to include them in the watercolor sketch.  It hangs from the tree branch by a thin wire.   The house has been in the tree for at least two seasons and is beginning to look weathered and faded but the birds found it and couldn’t be prouder with their new home.

Vintage trailer bird nest


6 thoughts on “Vintage Travel Trailer Bird House

  1. Thank you, Leslie. This little gem had to be handcrafted and sold by the builder. It’s very crudely constructed but built to survive the weather. Your sister will probably find something similar.


  2. Ha! So cool! My sister would love one of these travel trailer birdhouses. She collects birdhouses. I love it that this one is actually a home for a pair of finches. Love your illustration.


  3. I agree, Paula. It would be fun to be inside the trailer to appreciate the ‘bird’s eye’ view of the cozy interior with its nest tucked into all four corners. This is the first year for the trailer to be occupied so it will be fun for daughter to enjoy observing along with her children.


  4. Living small gets a whole new meaning with these very cute trailer bird houses. 🙂
    Very engaging sketches; they make me want to crawl inside the trailer and admire its interior design.


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