What was that fast movement rushing across the road on my early morning walk!?!?  I glanced up just in time to see the the rather large cottontail rush in through a borrow opening in the salal growing along the road shoulder.  It must have been munching on the new spring grasses and weeds in the large fields across the street.  When the rabbit saw me it made a fast escape to safety.  Further inspection of the opening where it disappeared into, I could see that it was well used many times by the local large family of relatives and friends of the rabbit  population in our neighborhood.


4 thoughts on “The Cottontail Easter Bunny

  1. Your friendly rabbit colony seems amazingly social and unafraid of people while at the same time your patient dog enjoys watching the wild visitors in his territory. Animals keep entertaining us human folks. I enjoy the art sharing on your blog. Enjoy your creative painting.


  2. This post makes me chuckle so. I have a rather large back yard and it is full of bunnies right now. I call them Giant Fort Wayne Ninja Bunnies. My dog does not bother them and they just turn and sit real still and watch him or me as we meander around cleaning beds and getting the rest of the stray leaves up. Beautiful watercolor sketch.


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