My favorite beach for walking, browsing and observing, collecting beach stuff, sketching and photographing secluded areas on the beach  requires hiking down 35 steps before getting my feet on the sand.  The days have been warm, sunny and calm just perfect for sketching and walking the beaches surrounding the island.

The private property where I start my beach walk has a large camellia bush covered with bright rosy red blossoms.  The blossoms are large and almost perfect, tipped up to the sun to show off their early spring faces.  I always think they bloom early for the Easter celebration.  I positioned myself to sketch a part of the bush with the Saratoga Passage, ferry boat and mainland in background.

The higher tides during the winter bring and leave on the shoreline all types of large driftwood.  Sometimes we have to climb over the logs or find an opening for passage to the water tidelands.  During the spring and summer most of the logs get shoved back into the swift current to be carried along to another sandy beach.

I always walk about one and half miles north for a quiet walk along an almost pristine beach where there are no other houses,  only high bluffs with bird borrows dug into the bluff for nesting; deer walking the beach for the salt; bald eagle nests and other bird activity; sometimes young harbor seals left on the beach while mom goes fishing; grey whales surfacing and all varieties of beach items for drawing and sketching.

I look forward to more strolls along this beach


4 thoughts on “Down the Stairs for a Walk on the Beach

  1. Thank you Paula, yes, in the spring the air is fresh and clear with no smog particles floating around; just the fresh fragrance of blooming flowers and marine air. Have a good day exploring and painting. Lois


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