When the winter weather colors remain drab gray, cold, and damp where we live, we like to head south to Oceanside for a while for warm and sunny skies.  While there we walk to the end of the longest pier on the west coast to enjoy watching surfers, other people who are enjoying the day, pelicans gliding for miles across the sky, gray whales, dolphins, hearty swimmers crossing from Carlsbad to Oceanside, egrets perched on the railing waiting for fisherman to toss them a small fish.   We sometimes sit on the benches to watch local musicians play lovely music on their instruments and if we decide it’s time for a hamburger, we walk to the end of the pier for a stop at Ruby’s.  Or we walk in the opposite direction to the Harbor to watch boaters being busy around their cruisers and sailboats.   Fishermen bringing in barrels full with freshly caught anchovies, crabs and other marine life, people strolling with their dogs or just sitting on a bench to watch the marine activity on the water.Man playing his guitar

Sitting around the pool is a past time for some people who like to worship the sun and while they aren’t watching, I do a quick sketch of their wonderful relaxing positions.  Then I get up and leave to not further damage my old skin.

Two at the Pool

From our condo porch, we have a panoramic view of the beach and during the weekend several families and friends drive miles to enjoy the spacious feeling of the beach, roar and activity of the high breakers, and kids free to run off their legs.

surfers began challenging the breakers at sun break and end at sundown

Sun bathers at Oceanside

Racing the break

One day a drive from Oceanside to Palm Desert we crossed the high desert mountains and began a winding descent on highway 74 into Palm Desert when suddenly a Penisular Big Horn jumped out from behind the large embankment and crossed the road about 15 feet a head of our car.  Fortunately, we were not driving fast, otherwise the goat and us might have met at the crossing at the same time.

Penisular Big Horn Sheep

Ocotillio Plant On the same day drive to the desert valley we drove through acres of desert plants including the beautiful ocotillo blooming with delicate bright read flowers.   All the desert plants on the desert floor create shades of green, red,ochre and lavender.

Old eclectic beach cottages, grand mansions to small charming cottages and then unique quonset dwellings with character still remain in old Oceanside city.  I love to stroll through the streets viewing the charming buildings along the way.  This colorful quonset building hidden in the palms is covered with years of patina on the metal siding, and grand windows.  It sits alone between other contemporary buildings.

oceanside quonset hut

oceanside plant_NEW

Walking through the neighborhood during my morning stroll, I discovered two tall shrubs covered with brightly colored flowers that I am unable to identify.

oceanside plant_0001

Even on a cloudy day, there will be people strolling along the beach with the breakers crashing and roaring on the surf.   The smooth sliding shallow water reaching the shore creates shadows that follow the strollers and birds on the shoreline.

Oceanside beach walkers

7 thoughts on “Escape to the Sun in Oceanside

  1. Thank you, Paula, returning back home after a nice warm/dry climate during the winter helps us to appreciate our own wonderful surroundings. We saw many other wildlife in the S.W. that do not habitat the N.W.

    I read your announcement about your exciting and wonderful new set up in Ireland and had planned to reply with cheers that you are back in the blog community again. Missed you. Your colored photos of scenes in Ireland look exotic with pristine rolling hills, warm sun filtering through the fog with deep rich colors. What a fun experience for you to be painting with a new palette of colors that represent the areas. I so look forward to receiving your shared blog paintings of Ireland and its lifestyle. Plus, I love the art history you sometimes share with your viewers. Have a day of art.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a holiday; beach life, a desert visit, flowers, old houses and a big horn, what a variety of sights and experiences.
    No temperature shock when you returned?
    I hope you are well and it is wonderful to see your sketches and water-paints and read your nature journals again.


  3. Wow, what kind words. Thank you. I think maybe folks from the east coast viewing any scene that appears to be warm, dry and sunny would be very appealing and inviting after experiencing a winter in the cold and snow day after day.

    Have a great day photographing lovely insects and scenery and sharing with your enthused audience. It’s our pleasure


  4. The words? ‘Charming’ and ‘Wow, How can anyone not wish that they were there with you?’ This fun tour, and the accompanying patent pending Bilomathews paintings, merit way more than the present number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments.’ Of that there is no doubt.
    I look forward to these posts. I do.


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