We woke up in the morning with gray fog hanging low covering the trees, brush, buildings and ground like a quiet still blanket.   Foggy days are my least favorite due to the limited visibility and dampness that chills to the bone.  But, being that I walk at least two miles every morning, the fog was not going to deter me from my adventure of exercise, observation and nature adventure.

A mile into the walk the early sun was rising over the hill and trees warming the ground causing the fog to slowly dissipate.  Thin patches of fog lay over the valley among the trees while the sun eased its rays through the fog and shone rich bronze, browns and warm yellow colors on the leafless alders; a warm glow in the middle of winter.   Further along the road the bright sun was easing its glow through the fog behind a grove of weeping birch.  In the foreground every object including the trees were tinted purple against the bright sun rising through the fog and watercolor background.   It was stunning!  The dreary fog had brought a gift of beauty that I was fortunate to witness and capture on paper.

Have a great day

6 thoughts on “As the morning damp fog lifts

  1. I just couldn’t capture the reflection from the sun on the branches..too much detail. The trees were glowing brilliant warm tones from the morning sun rise. The contrast of the color against the dark evergreens in the background was stunning. Thanks for visiting and expressing your thoughts. Keep thinking spring!


  2. I pay careful attention to the branches of the trees as March nears. I know those tiny branches in the distance begin to change color and turn warmer. When I see that, I know the sap is beginning to rise. Your post and sketches remind me of this.


  3. beautiful sketches on your morning walk. I try to walk a few miles at lunch time, but I rarely have time to sit and sketch since I have to get back to the office. Good for you for taking the time to record these gorgeous trees.

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