Maxwelton Outdoor Classroom

Within the Maxwelton watershed is a unique wetland habitat for native plants and wildlife.  There is a unique building built of heavy timber, rugged furniture, a building that is properly designed in a setting among tall trees.   The outdoor siding on the building consist of square tiles with embossed salmon on each tile; the salmon on the tiles have been colorfully painted by the Whidbey Island students.  The building is where young students gather in the spring to learn about native plants, wildlife and the life cycle of the salmon that habitat our waters.

The Maxwelton creek meanders through the preserve emptying into Puget Sound salt waters, where salmon hopefully will enter into the creek in the fall.  But, due to flood gates near the salt water shore, the salmon are not able to enter through the gates.

Early this morning, I strolled the trail through the preserve to see if the creek had overflowed into the wooded area after last nights heavy rains.  The creek was healthy,  strong, full of ripples, swells, full of color and nutrients and within its borders.  There is an old dark hollowed out stump covered with bright florescent green/yellow moss and young sword ferns thriving on the dampness and shade from the tall trees.


2 thoughts on “The Salmon Outdoor Classroom after the rain storm

  1. The flood gate was built several years in the past with the encouragement of the farmers to prevent the flooding of their fields during the salt water high tides; so now, the fish are unable to swim up stream.

    Thank you very much for your interest in my sketch documenting the stroll through The Salmon Outdoor classroom. You mentioned a wish to purchase it which is a surprise to me since it’s a story of what I had experienced on that day to be included in my collection of nature walks. If you are still interested, I will make a copy of it for my records and then send the signed original on to you for your cost of $20 postage included. It will be packed between flat firm fibers to prevent damage. The size of the watercolor paper with painted image is 9 x 12 to give you an idea for your selection of framing. Since this is a watercolor sketch, not a great piece of artwork, you might want to consider one of those frameless glass frames with a firm backing rather than a traditional.

    Please let me know of your decision on purchase.

    Lois Mathews


  2. OK, this is my new favorite, of the many watercolors that you have shared in the recent past. Alive, vibrant and inviting, plus a host of other positives. Good that the creek contained itself. Pity that the salmon cannot run as their ancestors did.
    Is this painting available? it’s one of those rare, rare images that urges you to acquire it.
    Jeff Zablow
    Pittsburgh, PA at 7F


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