We have two cats with totally different personalities and needs living with us in our small house.   One is a seven year old sociable feral and the other is a very shy seven year old Maine Coon/Rag Doll cat that we rescued from the animal shelter.  They have their individual personalities giving us great entertainment in return for our serving them to satisfy their needs!   One is a female, the other a male.  We thought that having two cats of the opposite sex living close in the same environment would eliminate conflicts that two cats of the same sex might not tolerate.   Oh, so wrong!   The feral cat being very social and curious sometimes crosses over into the other cats space.   Then it’s hiss, spit and paws flying with a big chase around the house from the Maine Coon to teach feral cat a lesson.  After all settles down with both several feet from each other all is quiet for several days until another bad day for the Maine Coon.

Well, this morning, before we sent them outdoors to explore, I spotted the Izzy (m.c.)  on mid landing of the staircase staring down at Zorro (feral) who is staring up at Izzy not more than four feet from each other!   They held that position for about 10 minutes then decided all is okay then went on their ways.  Whew!

Later in the morning, I look outside through my kitchen window to see Zorro sitting at the side of the garden pool stocking the gold fish slowly moving around underwater.   The fish does not seem to be bothered by the cat peering over edge of the pool wondering how it was going to trap that yummy fat fish for a meal.  So it keeps moving slowly in the cold water while Zorro watches it for several minutes before returning back to the house.

During all this morning’s cat action I grabbed my favorite mechanical sketching pencil to get some quick sketches of these two in my sketchbook.


4 thoughts on “The Maine Coon and Feral on the stairs in a Stare down!

  1. Ha! Love the story with your illustrations. We can provide them with a home to settle into but can not make them get along. Sounds like Zorro won’t give up until he has a friend. Smile. Happy New Year to you!

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  2. My grandchildren have given me enough happy hours, reading books to them, to know . . . that Izzy and Zorro, the yet unwritten children’s series, would be, could be, enjoyed by so many.
    A fun read, with enough anticipation, this one.


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