Is it global warming with natures struggle to balance our atmosphere?  Who knows?  I am not a scientist on changes to the environment but we have never experienced such a severe wind storm that blew over our island or western Washington on Thursday night.   Being in the dark of the night with power outages throughout the island  and hearing trees snap, fall and the wind howling, I imagined unpleasant images of disaster caused by the wind.  How does one sleep through a storm when your house is in the middle of tall evergreen trees swishing and twisting in the wind…..not us.   Then we heard branches breaking very nearby, like an object falling through them, ending with a sudden thump!!  We didn’t dare venture far from our covered porch or house during the storm and in the dark to search for the tree.   Finally around 1:00 a.m. the storm abated and we were able to get some sleep.  In the morning we found the large evergreen tree lying peacefully and quietly across our driveway 150 feet away from our house.

Bill and a neighbor cut up the tree into sections for fire wood in the future. Other trees throughout the island blocked roads, tore down power lines; heavy evergreen branches strewn covering the roads; power poles blown over; roads closed with power outages for several days.  So, is this year of unusual severe weather the result of global warming caused by our refusal to admit the damage that we have done to our precious earth or is this a natural attempt to balance the earth that runs in cycles?   DSC_0314


5 thoughts on “Natures attempt for balance?

  1. Yes, I agree, the storms have become more severe than any I have experienced in my many, many years. You mentioned plastic waste: We see plastic cartons, bags, tools, toys, and furniture drifting in the water or stuck among the logs along the shoreline of Puget Sound and the coastline of the west coast. The marine life will mistake these bright objects as food and eventually die from consuming particles from the discarded objects. On a happier note: The beauty of the midwest, northwest and all of earth still remains as a gift for us to enjoy.

    Happy Holidays to you as you enjoy your family and friends during this festive season.



  2. First, I’m so sorry for the damage to your beautiful area. I do not know about the global warming answer but I do know we all could be working toward taking better care of our environment. There is no question there. Then, if it was due to global warming, we may see a slow trend to not such disastrous storms. Evidence does exist as to what our industry around the world has done to the environment. Evidence does exist about all the plastics in the Pacific Ocean. I live in the midwest and the storms began to rage, noticeably, after summer before last when we had a huge drought. Now? When the rain and snow comes, it usually comes with high winds like I have not experienced in my lifetime and I’m getting along in years. Good post…..


  3. Lots of evidence here (Netherlands) that we are dealing with global warming. Year after year we break crazy records with the warmest A, the wettest B and the coldest C. It is frightening especially because we live beneath sea-level. We all need to get confronted with it in order to be willing to take action on global warming.

    Your drawing is perfect. The vulnerable house surrounded by the heavy trees. I’m happy you stayed safe during this ordeal. Take care!


  4. More than likely its a reminder of several things: That we are not in control, that you are contributing way too much to have you deterred by a natural disaster and a more gentle reminder that our peace and well being is precious and fragile. You see, I’m not a proponent of global warming (I remember boiling during certain summers in Brooklyn in the 50’s , , , ). Bill and your neighbor sure had time to catch-up, yet another facet of this experience.


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