A cold spell swept across the island on Saturday morning leaving the ground, plants, roof tops and trees covered with snow.  It was beautiful with the sun rays creating sparkling jewels on the individual snow crystals.  The sun has been out each day warming the exposed snow to melt; then, in the night the snow freezes creating beautiful frosted crystals that glisten like giant diamonds across the fields, roof tops, trees, old weathered fence posts and even the twisted barbed wire was encased in two inches of twisted ice crystals.

Tuesday, I sketched the wintery scene left by the visiting snow but was unable to capture the sparkle in the snow with watercolor; it’s an impossible technique but possible by adding flakes of sparkle to the sketch afterwards.  Now, the balmy weather has returned and the visitor is quietly disappearing…



  1. Thank you, Paula. The snow is gone but another storm charged with high winds arrived on Thursday, felled several trees including a large one across our driveway. Our electrical power was out for 48 hours. Your rain and storm may be a comfort compared to our extremely wild wind storm.

    Your new year in Ireland will bring new adventures and experiences in a beautiful country with lots of history and lovely music. Once, after you settle in your home and start blogging again, I look forward to reading your adventures of living in Ireland through your lovely blog.

    It has been my pleasure reading your many supportive comments. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming new year in Ireland.


  2. Lois, it is a white winter at your place and it is so beautiful! Here it is rainy and stormy. Your sketches make me long for a snowy walk at your place.
    We will be moving from the Netherlands to Ireland soon and I might miss out some posts of you. I will be back, enjoying reading your posts and looking at your sketches somewhere in January. Till then! May I already wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very creative 2015? Rejoice.


  3. I think you captured the sparkle just fine! I really like the cap of snow on the fence post.I used to live on a farm and there were some winter mornings where each fence post looked like they were people with white yarn hats stationed around the pasture.

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