The fall cloudy gray and wet days have gone somewhere else while a cold front from Alaska has blown in from the north bringing cold frosty mornings, bright sunny days and lots of dry weather for pleasant walking.    The summer grasses, the remaining hawthorne berries left on the their branches, and native plants are covered with a dusty frost giving a light tone to all the colors of fall.  It’s a beautiful scene and will eventually burn off from the warmth of the sun today.




4 thoughts on “Early Morning Frost on Hawthorne Berries

  1. No, we usually get frost in the a.m. rare for heavy amounts of snow. Thank you for visiting my blog. I thoroughly enjoy viewing the success of your experimental art projects with the explanations. Winter is a beautiful time of year with nature offering us rich earthy colors.


  2. Has the cold reached you yet or is it just us in the midwest area? One of my trees, late to drop its leaves has clumps of snow settled all over it with reds and yellows peeking through. Sometimes nature just knows how to create abstracts. Thank you for your posts because you always help me to “see” more than I might otherwise 🙂


  3. Paula, I would imagine the berries types growing in Europe and northwest America are very similar due to like climates. Maybe, one day, I will paint the berries you mentioned seeing on your walk. Enjoy your walks, they help keep balance in your life.


  4. You and your area are in berries-mode. We made a walk yesterday and in the soft green and ochre autumn colours, I spotted some berries I hadn’t see before. I had no time to have a closer look because we had to make a dash to avoid a rain shower. Maybe you will paint them one day soon and I will have this ‘Yes, those!’ moment.
    A lovely sketch, Lois, relaxed, chaotic and precisely as nature shows itself to us; beautiful.


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