DSC_0271The weather has been very mild this fall with lots of warm sunny days along with the rains that wash the air and earth a few times during the week.  This climate has caused the Evergreen blackberries to stay on the vines longer.   The berries look edible, not mushy, rotten, or hard and black as in previous years.    The long thorny vines intertwine through the mass of other vines on the tall wide spreading bushes.  The edges of the sharp jagged green leaves have turned burnt reds and raw umbers; the berries are now deep reds with some even a dark purplish blue.  My favorite feature on the bush during this time of year is the beautiful vines as they weave throughout the bush; they are a deep wine color with highlights of red, green and purple.

This rough thorny blackberry bush, that is actually a noxious plant growing wild in the woods or on private property, is what I saw on my walk this foggy and gray morning.  The lovely rich colors of vines and leaves caught my eye; I broke off a branch brought it home and attempted to represent the lovely colors with paint on paper.


6 thoughts on “Fruit on the Evergreen Blackberry vines in November

  1. Paula, yummm, the berry/fruit mix smoothy would be so healthy and good. Blackberries are very healthy and can be used in preserves, pies and etc. We store them in our freezer for winter treats. The animals like to eat the leaves due to the natural medicinal effect it provides them. Thank you for your comment and enjoy the berry smoothies. I’ll have to give it a try in the a.m. using my Greek yogurt.



  2. We have been berry-picking too but our black berries were too sour. I used them with sweeter fruits to make a few very healthy smoothies.
    Your watercolour is very nice, Lois. Was the branch willing to model for you or did it hurt you a few times? 🙂


  3. Jeffrey, I appreciate your kind comments and support. A critique from a fellow artist friend is always inspiring. Take care and keep those beautiful butterfly photographs appearing on your blog. They are amazing!


  4. A rich, sensuous hike shared with your appreciative followers, with the added treat of a colorful, personal painting. A combination of skills that your friends enjoy each and every time.


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