This morning I was able to get outside for my morning stroll before the rain storm arrives sometime during the day.  At the end of my two mile walk and after observing a variety of mushrooms growing alongside the road, birds singing and gathering food, and visiting with neighbors along the way, I ended the walk with a stroll through my meditative garden.  There the leaves were starting to turn and drifting down from the climbing rose bush trailing the top of the garden archway; leaves from the deep crimson ornamental tree were spread on the ground under it; even a few large green leaves on the rhododendron were in shades of yellow.  A nice spot to meditate with quiet and calmness after a brisk a.m. walk.

Then, I headed back to the house through my neighbors driveway where I observed a rabbit munching on the weeds and other goodies among the yellow, green and brown leaves that had fallen from their delicate large ornamental tree.  The colors during the fall are so rich with color of warmth and it’s so sad when it leaves for winter.



2 thoughts on “A morning rabbit and a meditative garden stroll

  1. A lovely walk with deep thoughts.
    And a very tame bunny, telling you to enjoy autumn before winter sets in.
    I’ve appreciated your journal and sketches very much.


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