We had to get our boat into the water early (before 7:00 a.m.) on Thursday to catch the crab before the tide changed. We weren’t early enough and missed the large male crabs that migrate in with the incoming tide so we had no choice but crab with the outgoing tide. Consequently, we got only four small male crabs (legal size) but lots of females that we had to throw back into the water. We were happy with our catch and cooked them in steaming hot salted water over the hot fire.

There was a soft fog that hung over the trees in the morning creating a quiet calm feeling and the water was like glass. We could hear the foghorns in the distance and ferry boat horn as it crossed the passage to the island. Visibility over the water was certainly diminished during that time but later in the afternoon the sun burned off the fog.

Bill cleans the crabs first before putting them into the steaming hot water. He quickly rips off the backs of the crabs and then washes out all the fat around the meat. We prefer cooking our crab without the backs on;it gives them a sweet buttery taste without the sour fat flavor that cooks into the meat.

A.M. Fog at Glendale


Cleaning crabs


4 thoughts on “Crabbing for Dungeness on a Foggy Thursday A.M.

  1. Thank you, Carol, for visiting my blog. It is fun letting the colors happen on paper when attempting to paint fog. I eventually had to wipe out the color in some areas so the fog looked like it was hanging in the trees.


  2. Your misty painting is beautiful and puts me right there seeing what you may have seen and felt. I don’t know if I could handle crabbing but learned something I did not know about a fatty back. Thank you!


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