Barnacles, snail shell, Crab Claw and Driftwood

Walking along the sandy and rocky beaches on the island where I live it is so much fun to beach comb among the debris brought to shore by the waves from the changing tides.  Today I found a small black rock covered with large empty barnacle shells, the remains of a battered snail shell, a left over crab claw from a crab bake and a large piece of driftwood.   All of these were included in my graphite sketch on paper after I returned from my walk.   It was meditative, soothing and relaxing to spend an afternoon sketching.   I apologize for the poor quality camera on my scanner; one of these days I’ll have to invest in a model of better quality.


11 thoughts on “Barnacles, Snail Shell, Crab Claw and Driftwood

  1. We’re back at the same old place in Guangzhou, China and boy is it hot here. Looking forward to next summer at home already. The northwest is really one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen – looking forward to next summer already!


  2. I love your comment and agree! Art is all in the eyes of the beholder to create their own imaginary visual scene of what their eyes are telling them. Maybe that is the reason people are intrigued with all types of art…music, visual, acting and literature; freeing their routine thoughts to imaginative wanderings.


  3. Lois, such beautiful sketches! I mistook the driftwood for a skull for a short moment, but isn’t that the fun of beach findings? They puzzle us and make us creative. We built stories around them and we sketch them.


  4. It is disappointing to find it broken but they make great sketching objects due to the inner curves and shadows it creates when in the light. Our northern beaches are plentiful with broken and whole shells.


  5. I think your scanner does OK. I’m particularly intrigued with the broken shell. I remember, when I was young and went shell hunting on vacation in Florida, I was always disappointed there were so many that looked just like that! Good drawings!


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