Owl Pellet

I walked out of the house freely swinging my arms in cadence with my legs and not an item to carry.  I was free to adventure!  When I returned from my morning walk, I had a handful of animal items found on the way.  First I spotted a gray two inch long barrel shaped pellet on the ground.  It was difficult to identify right on since I’d never seen one before.  My neighbor has found several on her forested property so I had a faint idea what this object might be.  Upon closer examination, I could see that it contained tiny fur fibers, a few bone particles and what looked like a bird claw.  After bringing it home and separating the fibers, I discovered the claw is actually a jaw bone with teeth still intact.  The teeth are so small it’s very difficult to see them with naked eye.  I am assuming the contents of this owls evening meal was a small four legged animal and, thank goodness, not a bird.

Then I spotted another  half shell  of an egg from a baby robin that opened its eyes to the world for the first time.  Further along was a small feather from either a local hawk or owl.   This has been a busy summer for the animal life in our neighborhood not to mention it also keeps me busy with recording all these nature finds in my sketching journal.  Good, good!


4 thoughts on “What’s in the Owl Pellet?

  1. How interesting, Lois, your neighbour has an artist mind too.
    No, your story wouldn’t gross me out at all. On the contrary, it is Aristotelian in that we need to have an inquiring mind to understand nature and to appreciate all its aspects.


  2. Your daughter is fortunate she has a teacher/mom to assist her inlearning how the balance of nature and survival exist. My concern was posting the story about the pellet contents might gross out some blog viewers. So it is good to hear your positive story and experience with your pellet finds. My neighbor has found several pellets containing very very small bird bones. She uses these bones in her Odyssey sculptures and stories. Her odyssey stories represent the tragic stories our returning veterans from the ugly wars we send them out to fight.


  3. It is always an adventure to analyse an owl pellet. The first time I showed my daughter that there were surprises in them, I grossed her out completely. 🙂 But then, there was a mouse skull and some bones, exactly like in your sketch and the education started. We ended with ‘Awhh…poor mouse’.
    Very nice post, Lois.


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