It was early this morning when I decided to walk my usual route passed my favorite large open field with tall spring grass growing in it.   The wild birds fly over darting here and there swooping to capture bugs in the air, some chirping calling for mates or claiming their territory.   Whatever they are doing they sound very happy which sets me in a great mood.   As I walked along I spotted the early a.m. doe in the middle of the field that now has wild daisies growing in large clumps throughout the tall grass.   The doe was frozen in one position and did not move again until she knew I was no where in sight.   Deer have poor vision making it difficult for them to identify any movement.   But they have large ears for hearing and large soft noses to pick any strange odors.

Early Morning Doe in the Field

4 thoughts on “Early Morning Doe in the field with Daisies

  1. I walk by this lovely ten acre field full of tall yellow grass in the summer. It smells wonderful, it’s serene, full of wildlife and it’s lovely for viewing. But it has been purchased to build two houses on it. Very sad for me.


  2. Beautiful scene and watercolor! I like the lights and darks you captured with the trees in the background and the way you suggest the movement of the grass in the foreground.


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