Crows and Owls

There are lots of robins nesting on and around our property probably due to the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries we try to harvest in our garden before the birds do.  The great horn owls are much aware of the robins in the area and frequently will sit on an evergreen tree branch waiting for the opportunity to snatch a newly hatched bird from its nest.

The other day, I heard the crows making a loud ruckus high up in one of the evergreens.  I looked toward the direction from where the noise was coming.  There sitting on one of the branches was a nervous appearing great horn owl twisting its head back and forth wondering which crow was going to attack it.  It soon gave up its spot quickly flying away into the forest with the two pesky crows flying after it while constantly crying their threatening caw.

It’s seldom I see crows aggressively attacking an owl so I am assuming that the owl may have been in the crows hunting territory for that day.  Or, they recognized the owl from a previous event when it infringed on their territory and were reminding it to keep away.  Normally the crows to do not nest close to our property.   Hmmm….only the crow knows.

Today along the side of the road I found a blue robin’s egg, a half shell.  I picked it up thinking I would sketch it later then I spotted the other half 500 feet further down the road.   I couldn’t resist gathering it up to add to the sketch hoping with would be the other half to the first egg.   It was a perfect match.   Don’t know how one egg could have been separated from each other by such a long distance.   Hmmm…only the robin knows.

4 thoughts on “Crows Chasing the Owl

  1. OMG! That squirrel must have been really hungry to devour an egg or it thought it was a delicious nut. The squirrels in our yard usually take over the bird houses for their nesting but I don’t know about robbing the nest.

    We watched an aggressive robin chase our feral cat across the front yard for a distance one day. I wish all birds would do that to cats. Our cat has not chased one robin since then!


  2. I have read your story and looked at your skectches with tension! Poor robins. But it is a good thing that the top of the food chain is fighting each other off. This gives the robins a tiny bit more room to relax and breed. Maybe putting up a robin house for them?
    Two years ago our robin house was attacked by a squirrel. We caught him in the act of egg devouring. Yuck. But yes, only a squirrel can tell why he did that. 🙂


  3. It might have been the crows found something really interesting for themselves. If you hear robins making frantic loud chirps in the tall evergreens most of the day, it’s most likely there is an owl species nearby.

    Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog. I forgot to tell about the robin’s egg.


  4. I just love your blog Lois. Love it, love it, LOVE IT. I wonder if there was an owl around my place this morning. It would account for the flap the crows were putting up here!


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