Great Horned Owl on the Prowl

For three days the robins in our yard have been chirping loudly and making quick frantic darts through the tall evergreen branches. It’s a familiar sound that we hear frequently indicating that there is an owl species quietly hidden tucked in the corner of a large tree branch. In search of the area where the ruckus was located, I carefully scan the branches and there it is a very large great horned owl very quiet and motionless sitting on a large branch trying to ignore the robins fluttering and darting toward it. Often the owl has to duck its head fearing the robin might hit it. After a while the owl gives up hope in attacking the robin’s nest successfully. It lifts it large body with its wide wing span and gracefully floats through the trees to another resting spot.

Today while on my morning walk, I found a feather from this owl. It’s a Great Horned Owl primary feather. Three days ago, I found an empty robin’s nest on the ground near where I found the feather. I placed the nest in a safe spot to dry out and get debugged for a later sketching project.


7 thoughts on “Great Horned Owl on the Prowl

  1. It has been rare that I have seen an owl. They keep themselves so well hidden. I know what you are saying when they spread those wings. Around here it is a hawk that visits. He is not so secretive. Wonderful skethches!


  2. Thank, you for visiting….it is a fun and interesting sight watching the bird/owl activity around our property. Might be that there are so many robins and their nest are easy prey for the owls.


  3. Thank you, Paula. Wildlife animals are beautiful and interesting to watch but I realize animals can be very violent for their survival. I plan to sketch the found nest very soon.


  4. I too have seen small birds making it impossible for owls to take a nap during the day. They get pestered away. And rightly so, because gardens should be safe havens for little birds. But that doesn’t mean that owls aren’t awesome. Your sketches are wonderful and enjoyable.


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