Native Wild Flowers in the Grand Ronde Valley

Last week my husband and I packed up our traveling trailer and drove to the Grand Ronde Valley in Eastern Oregon to visit the Growiser Preserve to view and smell the native wild flowers in bloom on the steeps of the blue mountains above the valley. The flowers at this time of the year were spectacular with vibrant colors of oranges, yellows, reds and purple. There was indian paint brush, lupine, mules ears, cat ears, pussy paws, peonies, lady slipper and scarlet stem orchids plus many more. The owner of the preserve met with us and walked along the trails explaining and pointing out each of the different varieties growing in the preserve. He owns 250 acres on top of the foot hills of the mountain and from where we finally were able to sit in a chair to enjoy the view I photographed what we saw. Not only are the flowers an awesome sight to behold, the view of all the distant mountain ranges is an eye pleasure. If I’m correct, the two I remember are Wallowas and Blue mountain ranges plus another which might be Elk Horn?

Since it would be very difficult to sketch all this scenery due to time, I photographed several view angles from where we were sitting to share on my blog. I hope you enjoy and can imagine what the aroma would be if you were there.


9 thoughts on “Native Wild Flowers in the Grand Ronde Valley

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! It is no wonder artists set up their easels or snap references and paint scenes such as this. This is the image dreams are made of. Thank you for posting it!


  2. It would be a perfect environment for butterflies with all the varieties of wild flowers. While we were there, I noticed bluebirds and meadowlarks but was not aware of the butterflies. I suggest you contact Andy Huber at Growiser website. He will be happy to inform you.


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