April Blooming Rhododendron in Watercolor

I finished reading and studying the lovely sketches and paintings in the Botanical Sketchbook by Mary Ann Scott, author and illustrator. It a journal of her journey on how to paint beautiful botanical paintings through The Society of Botanical Artists long distance learning course. She is now a full member of the Society.

The book inspired me to attempt a botanical painting from the spring flowers presently in bloom in my yard. I selected to paint a striking rhododendron blossoms of pale pink to deep rose. It took about two days to work on the sketch due to all the folds and details, applying the washes after each drying process and then applying any additional color. I did a walnut ink sketch of one blossom in the cluster. I had to use the camera shot for the finishing touches since by day two the flowers lost their luster and shapes caused by further opening of the petals. The buds had opened up loosing the deep rich rose.

I almost forgot to mention that there was an ant in the center of the rhody blossom. It was probably feasting on sweet juices from the flower or micro insects. Also, I have lost the tag to the plant with the botanical name. So I am unable to identify it.

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