It was a chilly morning and I debated whether or not I should go out for walk or stay in and get caught up with my sketching and painting.  So much to do!  My granddaughter has asked me to sew her a crazy quilt on top of all the other projects that are on my ‘to do list.’  Retirement does not promise ‘days of rest and relaxation!’

I finally ventured out to enjoy the walk.  I spotted two snails carrying their shell houses on their backs trying to cross the road.   Knowing that at their pace of travel they probably wouldn’t make it across in time before a vehicle would drive up the road and unknowingly smash them with its tires.  So I picked them up and threw them into the brush.

Then, I saw a small soft gray and ocher striped feather on the road.  It appeared to have more down  feathers toward the calamus shaft  with a smaller amount of vanes toward the end of the shaft.  It is very delicate so I carefully picked it up and brought it home to sketch after my walk.  I researched the feather through The Feather Atlas and decided it was either an owl or other raptor type feather.  I did the sketch using the water soluble graphite and a small amount of ochre watercolor.


11 thoughts on “Sketching a Feather

  1. If you have a creative mind and a house filled with beloved ones, you will always have hard choices to make 🙂
    Good thing you took time for these lovely feathers. They are pretty, soft and fluffy.


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