Wild Heron at the Oceanside Harbor

We like to walk to the beach harbor at Oceanside to watch the activities of people and the pelicans that hang around the fishing boats docked at the harbor. The pelicans will follow the fishing boats that return from the ocean into the harbor knowing that there is possibility of getting fish treats from the boat crew. We love to watch the pelican squadrons fly above us with confidence and gracefulness. It’s a very relaxing feeling to stop and observe them.

While sitting on a bench at the harbor, we spotted a large heron balancing with ease on one long leg at the edge of the dock. I could not see the other leg since it was in the shadows. It had its neck angled to enable it to see any fish under water that might be swimming past. I don’t think it was a good moment for fishing since we did not see it dart its beak into the water.

12 thoughts on “Wild Heron at the Oceanside Harbor

  1. Thank you. It is difficult to remember to put down the paint brush to keep the sketch clean and simple. I have a habit of overworking a sketch. I really like your sketches on your blog but my college French is not too good so I’m unable to make comments.


  2. Sketches that spring forward onto your screen with warm, inviting colors, and always leave you with that same feeling, “I would’ve loved to have been there, too.


  3. They move so gracefully slow motion like through the shallow water in search of fish. I could almost fall asleep waiting for its foot to reach the ground for the next step. Then, suddenly its head will dart into the water with a fish in its beak. You are fortunate to have a pond for meditation and to observe wildlife. It’s good for the soul.


  4. Delicate and beautiful. I like to sit by our pond in the neighborhood in the late afternoon and evening hours of summertime. Most of the time our blue heron is there. I love watching a heron move. They are so graceful.


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