Sketching wildlife at Oceanside, California

To get away from the Northwest gray and wet, we spent a month in the warm and sunny beach resort in Oceanside, California where I walked daily and sketched the scenes while on the walks. One morning, a young sea lion swam through the breakers onto the shallow shoreline crying and searching for its mother. It’s head was turned toward the rock bulkhead trying to find its mother whom must have decided the young one was ready to survive on its own w/o mom. After a few minutes of unsuccessful cries and searching, it headed back out to sea. The people on the beach stood back watched and photographed the scene giving plenty of room for the wild animal so it would not feel threatened or being touched by human hands.

2 thoughts on “Sketching wildlife at Oceanside, California

  1. It does make one suffer along with their purposeful crying pleas. In the case of the sea lion, the mother does decide to leave her baby when she feels it can survive on its own.


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