Pacific Banana Slug

It was pouring rain today on my a.m. walk and there trying to crawl across the wet road was a native Pacific Banana slug stretched out long during its movement towards the friendly green stuff on the edge of the road. Our Northwest wet and gray climate is a slugs haven with all the plant life and other nutrients they can consume.

The Banana slugs mostly inhabits the forest floor ingesting only the seedlings of the non native plants and trees so we try not to destroy it. It carries with it fungi and other nutrients that get spread into the soil as the slug moves along. Whereas, the European species is a non native slug that is a pest to our vegetable gardens and a whole army will ingest several plants during one night. A gardener can enter their garden in the a.m. and find a whole row of vegetables gone! It is work to keep the garden safe from this species but we mostly win.


7 thoughts on “Pacific Banana Slug

  1. Oh yes, we have the noxious black slugs. You are brave to pick them up. No one that I know will do that since it will leave a sticky thick mucous on your hands that scrubbing won’t remove it.


  2. You have these black slugs too? When I see them on a road, I take a deep breath, pick it up (which is a slimy job) and put it on the other side of the road. I dislike touching slugs, but I do it anyway, because I rather see a big fat slug, than a flat one.


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