A Cacophony of Bird Love Songs

On an early morning walk last week an assortment of birds were singing at the top of their small lungs. It was like an orchestra of fine tuned instruments joyfully sending forth beautiful music of their own. There was the Stellars Jay perched at the very top of the fir tree sending out its harsh noises; several small birds joining in with their scale of notes and then the loudest of them all was the Pileated Woodpecker beating its beak on the metal rail of the neighbor’s gate. It was like a cacophony of birds calling for their prospective mates. During the dark and cold winter months, my walks have been mostly silent and still except for a few birds that winter over in the Northwest. The quiet wildlife is very noticeable since listening to the birds while on my walks is always a pleasure. And now they are here!


8 thoughts on “A Cacophony of Bird Love Songs

  1. The Blue Jay’s in the Northwest of US are called Steller’s Jays; they and the pileated woodpeckers have very loud harsh cries when trying to attract attention. The Steller’s Jay can be camp robbers stealing food off tables while people are camping or picnicking. Woodpeckers are more shy and leery of people so they don’t disturb folks other than poking holes in the wood siding on people’s homes.

    The metal fence is my neighbor’s. The woodpecker was using it to attract a mate with the loud noise from pecking on it. It sounds almost like a jackhammer.


  2. The fun and exciting adventures with art is being able to experiment with all types of mediums and styles not knowing what the end result will be. This is the first time I’ve tried playing with my imagination creating what I heard and saw in wildlife. It’s not a piece of art but a fun way of expressing on paper what I witnessed.


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