Isabelle de Borchgrave's Paper Fashion Show

Isabelle de Borchgrave from Brussels, Belgium is an amazing artist who has directed her talent toward creating high fashion clothing out of paper. Over the past 20 years she has created four major paper costume collections. She uses a range of papers to paint beautiful designs then pleats, crinkles, tears, glues, embellishes with gold to create fabric imitations of silks and velvets. She twist the paper into long thin thread to sew seams and beads on the garments; the glass Venetian beads are even made from paper and look real. She even creates shoes, boots and pillows with the paper.   It’s fantastic! The display setting for her show at the Bellevue Art Museum, includes her paper wall hanging Asian carpets, silk flowing drapes and other accessories.

This collection, inspired by the clothing designer Mariano Fortuny, who specialized in luxury fabrics based on beautiful flowing patterns from Renaissance, Byzantine, Moorish, Persian, Coptic, and Japanese traditions.

Her debut in the U. S. was at the Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Wa during November through February 16, Sunday,  before returning to Brussels. Then her collection will be showing throughout Europe. I was fortunate to view  her collection yesterday before the show closed. Her collection is amazing and I highly recommend all artists and non-artists to see it.


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