Listen to the Quiet Sounds of Winter

A bitter cold morning with heavy dark gray clouds, several days of frost on the ground, dead brown leaves dark from decay scattered around on the ground covering bits of seeds, grain and grub. The native deciduous plants are dormant, blackberry vines now a deep rose color tangled with other plants creating a shelter for the wild birds. I stopped my walk to stand still and view the lonely fields and forest before me; to listen to the quiet sounds of winter…calm, not a breeze, two juncos, their feathers all puffed up for warmth, scratching and rustling in among the leaves on the ground in search of food. That’s the only sound I hear. In the distance, two deer are crossing Wildes Road. It’s a precious moment to capture and keep. I had to make a sketch (rather quick and messy) upon my return to the house, just incase I have to be reminded what winter brings us at this time of year while it waits patiently for the return of light.


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