Rosehips and snowberry

Bill and I walked the trails around the Greenbank Farm on a cold December Sunday after enjoying an ‘eat out breakfast’ at the small cafe in Coupeville. The view from the top of the ridge looking over both the Admiralty inlet and Saratoga Passage were still lovely with the dark gray cloud cover and cold winds. We spotted a Great Blue Heron flying past, probably headed toward the tall cattails in the wetland pond nearby.

We walked along a grassy path next to the wild rose thorny bushes that still had small teardrop size bright rose hips clinging to their vines. In amongst the thick rose bush vines were clusters of the white snow berries clinging to the long thin vines. The red and white contrast was so bright and cheery giving color to the grays, golds and browns at this time of the year.


2 thoughts on “A Walk around Greenbank Farm trails in cold December

  1. Wouldn’t those rose hips give the birds all the energy they’d need for the cold winter. Rose hips give so much color to earth’s grays and browns during the winter months. I saw a photo of picked rose hips mounded in a round bowl. What a lovely idea for the holidays. I’m going to give it a try after this cold ‘arctic express’ abates. Have a great Holiday Season with friends and family.


  2. That must have been a nice walk, and the arrival in a warm and cosy home must have felt good too. I understand your inspiration by the red rose hips berries and white snow berries. They look lovely and they are perfect food for hungry birds.


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