Northwest Birds at the Beach on a Crisp Cold Day in November

Sitting by the warm fire in the stove in the cabin at the beach, I peered out the window to observe a crow perched on a beach log waiting for a chance to grab a tasty meal that might appear. I grabbed my pencil and sketched it before it flew away. Using the binoculars, I peered out to the water in Puget Sound for water fowl. There I spotted a lone Pacific Loon bobbing in and out of the surface in search for his meal under water. I have never seen two together, they are always alone. Closer to shore is a twosome swimming around on the surface dipping their beaks into the water, shaking their heads and cleaning their feathers…always moving and difficult to sketch. I sketched the female bird, a Wigeon…not enough time to capture the more colorful male.


4 thoughts on “Northwest Birds at the Beach on a Crisp Cold Day in November

  1. Thank you, Paula. Birds are interesting and enjoyable to watch in their natural setting. Nature has decorated them with beautiful colors. Trying to sketch them during their constant movement is a challenge


  2. I always love to see birds of another continent that resemble Dutch birds. I enjoyed this water colour because of the birds and the contrast between the water and old trunk. It is a lovely illustration for a nature or ornithological magazine.


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