Peaches, pickles and pearsIt’s Fall and this is the time of the year when I start canning, pickling and storing the fruits of the earth to enjoy later during the winter months. While visiting with my daughter last week in eastern Washington I purchased two large boxes of Old Henry peaches and red Barlett pears from the local orchard owner to preserve. Also, in August I purchased 30 pounds of pickling cukes and pickled them the next day. So we are well supplied to share the sweet fruits and preserved veggies when guests arrive for the evening meal.

The peaches have red centers around its pit causing the red to permeate into the sweet brine while in the hot bath. The color of the juice in the jar is a beautiful mixtures of pinks and golds. I could never capture that color with my watercolor paints so I attempted it with colored pencil but still the colors aren’t as brilliant. I think I’ll just line up the jars on the window sill for keeping so I can look at the light reflecting through the colors. Maybe they won’t get eaten anytime soon.


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