Paintings along the Selkirk Loop

Last week Bill and I camped in our trailer as we traveled the Selkirk Loop from Metaline Falls, Wa going north into Eastern Canada all the way to New Denver, B.C. and then returning via the east side of Lake Kootney into Sandpoint Idaho. We traveled with another couple who had their own trailer stopping and walking through the quaint small towns w/o a Walmart to ruin the character of these small towns. We met several interesting people at the campgrounds who we chatted with around campfires or talked with the locals in town. One couple that we just loved was from Manitoba, Alberta, age 85 years. They have been camping for 35 years using their VW Vanagons that they love and wouldn’t use any other vehicle. They moved to Canada many years ago from Germany and love to travel. They were very inspiring and encouraging to know that Bill and I can still travel for several more years before we have to say good bye to our small Silver bullet Airstream.


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