Lake Kootney at RV park near Ainsworth, B.C.

Following the length of Lake Kootney along the Selkirk Loop is a very scenic and enjoyable tour. We have done this loop in the past and love it. We drive all the way to the quaint somewhat hippie village of New Denver on Lake Slocan and camp a few days in the Municipal park enjoying the activities, walking the town and touring the Japanese Internment camp and beautiful memorial Japanese garden in honor of the first Japanese who were interned at the camp during the war.

We visit Ainsworth to soak in the hot springs for a few hours then return to our trailer for an evening of wine and appetizers. The next day we drive to the ferry landing that we will take across to the east side of Lake Kootney and continue our adventure south into the States. The ferry system inland is considered part of the highway system so we don’t have to pay outrageous prices to travel across the lake.

In the past we have driven all the way to Nakusp, B.C. to soak in the wonderful hot springs and enjoy camping on their grounds before heading back home with a drive along the Columbia River to catch a ferry to take us across for a long drive to Kelowna. British Columbia is beautiful country and we love traveling there finding new sites, adventure and fun.


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